Back Pain Doctor Ocean County NJ

One of the many things that sets Dr. Joshua Rovner apart from other back pain doctors in Ocean County, NJ is his personal touch. From the moment you arrive at the Progressive Spine & Orthopaedic clinic to the first conversation you have with Dr. Rovner and throughout your treatment, you will receive careful personal attention.

From determining whether a non-surgical option is viable to preparing for surgery if it is needed, Dr. Rovner works closely with every patient to build trust and maintain your comfort at every step.

At the same time, Dr. Rovner is an experienced and skilled spinal surgeon, performing a number of cutting edge surgeries designed to alleviate back pain and help restore mobility and comfort to patients. Whether diagnosis has been performed or you are still in the early stages of discomfort, Dr. Rovner will ensure the best possible treatment is selected for your back pain.

Back Pain Specialist Ocean County NJ

If you are looking for a back pain specialist in Ocean County, NJ and are concerned about the approach they will take, look no further than Dr. Joshua Rovner and the team of Progressive Spine & Orthopaedics. Our goal is to ensure you are comfortable and your back pain is relieved. Call today to setup an appointment and discuss how this can be done.

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