Back Pain Doctor Monmouth County NJ

When severe back pain develops, it can be debilitating. Whether it is a chronic condition flaring up or a recent injury that is immediately unbearable, you need to take action fast, working to alleviate the pain quickly before it has a negative impact on your life.

Dr. Joshua Rovner and the staff of Progressive Spine & Orthopaedics have helped patients like yourself for years to identify and treat such pain in Monmouth County, NJ and can do the same for you.

The first step is to determine the source of your back pain, which Dr. Rovner will work to do with careful discussion, diagnostic testing, and analysis of your pain and how it developed. From there, Dr. Rovner will discuss you with your best treatment options – ranging from non-surgical therapies to cutting edge surgical procedures.

Back Pain Specialist Monmouth County NJ

As a back pain specialist, Dr. Rovner has helped many patients in Monmouth County, NJ to identify, treat and alleviate their back pain. His all-tier approach to back pain treatment ensures that you always understand what options are available and why they are there. This ensures patient comfort throughout the surgery and is designed to focus on alleviating your pain at its source.

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