Back Pain Doctor Maywood NJ

Back pain is a common experience for to many people, and it can come without warning, bringing discomfort that can last days or weeks. When this happens, it’s reassuring to know a good back pain doctor. Dr. Joshua Rovner has many non-invasive methods he uses to treat back pain and get you back on your feet fast.

After Dr. Rovner performs a thorough exam, he will supply you with a plan of action to alleviate your pain. Don’t suffer from acute or chronic pain anymore. There are a variety of ways to diminish your back pain, and Dr. Rovner exhausts all options including chiropractic or acupuncture at Progressive Spine & Orthopaedics.


Back Pain Specialist Maywood NJ

There are many causes for back pain, and a proper diagnosis from a doctor is essential to sorting them out. Most of these causes can be treated without surgery by implementing strategies such as moderated activity and physical therapy.

When only the best back pain specialist will do, call spine surgeon Dr. Joshua Rovner at Progressive Spine & Orthopaedics. His office specializes in managing and healing persistent back pains and conditions. So get rid of your pain today. Call (201) 227-1299 for back pain relief.

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