Back Pain Doctor Essex County NJ

If you live in Essex County, NJ and are searching for a back pain doctor who will discuss with you all of your options, call Dr. Joshua Rovner today. Dr. Rovner and Progressive Spine & Orthopaedics is specially suited to help you overcome your chronic back pain condition, with years of experience performing cutting edge procedures like XLIF, TLIF and kyphoplasty.

While Dr. Rovner has extensive experience performing such procedures, he strives to maintain a holistic approach to back pain treatment. By discussing with you all of your options, performing thorough evaluations, and exploring non-surgical alternatives, he strives to ensure you are comfortable at every step of the process. Patients throughout Essex County trust Dr. Rovner as their back pain doctor for this very reason.

Back Pain Specialist Essex County NJ

Just as there are many sources of back pain, there are many treatments that can effectively relieve or even alleviate back pain for good. That’s why Dr. Joshua Rovner maintains a reputation as a back pain specialist whose focus is patient-first. He strives to ensure your comfort is always maintained and that the treatment selected will work for your needs in every way possible.

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