Back Pain Doctor Dumont NJ

Studies show that patients who seek treatment for acute back pain within the first six weeks have an average 90% improvement a year later. Those seeking treatment twelve weeks or longer from when the pain initiated improved only 50% a year later. Keep the odds in your favor and seek treatment from a back pain doctor within the first few days to weeks of the development of significant back pain.

Back pain specialist Dr. Joshua Rovner at Progressive Spine & Orthopaedics will perform a comprehensive evaluation to diagnose your condition. When non-surgical treatment options are required, you will experience significantly reduced pain levels within the first six weeks regardless of whether your pain is acute or chronic.

Back Pain Specialist Dumont NJ

As a spine surgeon who takes a compassionate approach to your pain, Dr. Rovner understands how intrusive it can be in your life. A back pain specialist, he works to resolve your pain quickly and efficiently with patient-centered treatment plans that conservatively explore the best non-surgical methods for you.

If your situation necessitates surgery, you want a back pain doctor you can count on, so call Progressive Spine and Orthopaedics today. Spine surgeon Dr. Joshua Rovner and his staff specialize in treating chronic back conditions and managing pain. Stop your back pain. Call (201) 227-1299.

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