Back Pain Doctor Demarest NJ

There are many reasons you may need a back pain doctor in your lifetime. Perhaps you suffered a traumatic injury, or you developed pain from a repetitive injury in a competitive sport. A disease in another part of your body, or even your posture may have contributed to your chronic back pain

No matter the cause, relief can come as quickly as visiting a back pain specialist at Progressive Spine and Orthopaedics. A diagnosis by Dr. Joshua Rovner will uncover the root cause of the pain. An accurate diagnosis resulting from a comprehensive examination is essential, because back pain is a symptom and not a disease.

Back Pain Specialist Demarest NJ

Dr. Rovner is a spine surgeon who understands your pain and the accompanying stress that disrupts your life. As a back pain specialist, he adheres to a philosophy of exploring all non-surgical solutions first. He and his staff will take the time to compassionately listen to you and explain your treatment options so you can make the best possible decision about the course your treatment should take.

When you need a back pain doctor, call Progressive Spine and Orthopaedics. Spine surgeon, Dr. Joshua Rovner is ready to help. His office specializes in managing and treating chronic back pains and conditions. Get pain relief today. Call (201) 227-1299.

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