Back Pain Doctor Bergen County NJ

Back Pain Doctor Bergen County NJ

For many living in or near Bergen County, NJ, back pain is a daily reality. From the moment you wake up until you lie down for the night, discomfort in your back or neck is present, and that pain will only continue to worsen as long as treatment is delayed.
Whether this exactly describes your condition or you are starting to feel yourself approaching a reality of near daily back pain, Dr. Joshua Rovner of Progressive Spine & Orthopaedics is here for you. With extensive training in numerous surgical and non-surgical treatments for chronic and acute back pain, Dr. Rovner can discuss with you all of your options and ensure your discomfort is managed as best as possible.

Back Pain Specialist Bergen County NJ

As a Bergen County, NJ back pain specialist, Dr. Rovner will work with you to choose a treatment based on your comfort level, current pain and the exact nature of your back condition.

From treatment of deformity, trauma and degenerative conditions to non-surgical alternatives to relieve pain and support back health, Dr. Rovner will discuss with you the best options at your disposal and ensure you are treated with the care and personal attention you need in Bergen County, NJ.

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